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Oh, so you're planning a wedding?

Oh, so you're looking for a boudoir photographer?
I have a separate website devoted to Seven Deadly Sins, my boudoir work! Check it out and contact me from there. =)
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I offer several customized options for sessions like yours, have you checked out Beloved and Creative options yet?

Remember to include any information I might need, especially if this theme involves a fandom I might not be familiar with or some kind of personal touch!
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If you don't have a location in mind, please consider some of my favourites in Edmonton.

Urban? Rustic? Grafitti? Park? Garden? River Valley? Forest?
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If you live elsewhere, but want your photos taken in Edmonton, please select Edmonton!

Remember to include details like the type of session you want and where you'd like it to be, the number of people participating, your availability for when you are hoping to book a session or finish a project.
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